Scott Welch

GPT-Scott-Welch-Sons-Baseball-HOF-2015In 1992 while in High School, Scott Welch founder of GalaxyPlace and Great Planning Tech, put together his first computer – a simple 386 PC running DOS and Windows 3.1. That experience built the foundation for a long-term passion of fixing computers, from trying different parts, reloading, reformatting and experimenting. (In the 1980’s he started using Commodore 64s, IBM 8086s and Apple II’s)

In 1996 Scott started working for people fixing their personal computer issues, from setting up dialup modem connections to reinstalling windows or adding memory. In 1997 He took on a support technician position at a local Internet Provider, in 1998 a short stint at UVM’s depot repair department and Fletcher Allen as a service tech. In 1999 became the Network Administrator at Dynapower Corporation in South Burlington, VT. In 2001 became the Network Administrator for a small website developer in South Burlington.

In 2002 he incorporated GalaxyPlace and went 100% on his own to do website design and computer support. In 2004 moved GalaxyPlace to Bradford Vermont, then 2006 to Fairlee Vermont where it continues to be located.

In 2014 in preparation of closing GalaxyPlace, he started Great Planning Tech, a new name and new goals moving forward.

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